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Samsung is retiring one of the most popular Android phones. (Image source: GIGA)

Samsung distributes very long software updates for most of its Android smartphones. But at some point it has to come to an end. Especially on older models that are not covered by the revised update policy. This is exactly what has now happened with one of the most popular models. It’s getting its last major feature update.


Samsung Galaxy A51 gets OneUI 5.1

With the Galaxy A series, Samsung has built legendary smartphones such as the Galaxy A50 or Galaxy A51 (test), which have helped the company to remain the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Just like the high-end models, the mid-range phones get software updates quickly and stay up to date. But for the Galaxy A51, the point is now coming where the legendary smartphone is slowly being phased out. From now on the big software update will be on One UI 5.1 distributed with many new features (Source: SamMobile).

The Samsung Galaxy A51 will still receive irregular security updates after the upgrade, but the smartphone will basically remain at the level of One UI 5.1 and will no longer receive any new functions or major adjustments. With Android 11, 12 and 13, Samsung has the smartphone already provided with three major Android version upgrades and countless security updates. Android 14 and One UI 6 are no longer available. Only newer models like the Galaxy A53 (test) receive four new Android versions and five years of security updates.

This changes in One UI 5.1 on your Samsung Galaxy A51:

Can you continue to use Samsung Galaxy A51?

In any case. The Galaxy A51 has by no means become obsolete, but is only being put on the sidelines. Samsung has proven several times in the past that even older smartphones that were actually discarded suddenly still receive software updates when security gaps appear. This is exactly what should also apply to the Galaxy A51. It’s just not going to happen as quickly as it used to.


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