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The end of a true car legend is imminent: the Smart fortwo will be discontinued in 2024. With the temporary end of the small city car, a new era is dawning at Smart. Customers who still want to secure the original fortwo model don’t have much time left.

Smart saws off the fortwo – and heralds the end of an era

The end of the last real Smart is imminent: The for two can probably only ordered until April 2023 become. This is reported by the blog “Smart emotion“, citing corporate circles at Mercedes. An exact date is not given. Accordingly, orders will only be accepted for a few weeks, The stock will be processed by mid-2024 – then it’s over.

Otherwise, it will be a rather unceremonial end for the small Smart, which, like all models from the brand, has only been offered as an electric car for several years. No official notification from the manufacturer, and a special edition is not planned. The smart fortwo just runs out.

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Only the Smart dealers in Germany have opted for a kind of special edition. According to Smart Emotion, it is characterized by an adapted shift knob and a matching sticker. There are 150 pieces.

With the fortwo goes end of an era at Smart because the first new Smart from Chinese production no longer has much of the image of the small car brand that has been built up for years. The Smart #1 is a purely electric SUV, as such it is comparatively petite, but still: there can no longer be any talk of small.

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At first glance, the Smart #1 is hardly recognizable as a Smart:

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In its current form, this will soon be the end of the aptly named two-seater. But he shouldn’t disappear. Smart is now a joint venture between Mercedes and the Chinese auto counter Geely, which also created the Polestar brand in cooperation with Volvo – you can find out more about this in our article. become accordingly the new Smarts also built in China. They want to revive the fortwo there. However, there are still no significant details about the plans and we do not know a timetable. For the time being, that’s it for the fortwo.

The Smart fortwo is by no means the only smaller model that customers now have to do without. The forfour from Smart has already died, Ford has already mothballed the Fiesta and Renault has put an end to the popular Zoe. The microcar seems to have an uncertain future.

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