Lidl customers cheated: police arrest rip-offs gameandnews

Mass fraud was carried out with the Lidl app. (Image source: IMAGO / Rüdiger Wolk)

Mass fraud has taken place via the app of the discounter Lidl. Customers are said to have been robbed hundreds of times. A six-figure damage was caused. Now the Munich police have arrested several suspects.


Lidl app: Six scammers exposed

With the Lidl Plus app, customers can secure discounts at the discounter and view new offers. If you want to order something or pay on the spot, you can use Lidl Pay. Fraudsters used this payment processto place bulk orders for goods. They also stocked up on vouchers in Lidl branches. According to the Munich police, the fraudsters used third-party personal data and bank details.

The affected customers initially did not notice anything about the rip-off. Only when they receive a payment reminder from Lidl or a Letter from debt collection companies found in the mailbox, the extent of the fraud became clear to them.

According to the Munich Criminal Police Office 122, which is responsible for cybercrime, six suspects were arrested. The men aged 22 to 25 should apply for Fraud in around 500 cases show responsibility. The financial loss is provisionally referred to as a six-digit sum. Among other things, numerous laptops and smartphones were seized during house searches.

The men are now expecting one whole bunch of ads: In addition to computer fraud, they are also accused of spying on data and altering or falsifying data relevant to evidence (source: Police Bavaria).

You probably didn’t know these facts about Lidl:

Lidl employee suspected fraud

It is probably thanks to a Lidl employee that the fraud was exposed. He found the men suspicious, who kept coming back to his branch stocked up on vouchers worth 100 eurosbut given different bank details.

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