Lidl is selling a great idea from the lion’s den much cheaper tomorrow gameandnews

The lion’s den is known for more or less good ideas that you can use. A great gadget for all cyclists was recently introduced that really solves a problem and offers great added value. At Lidl, the BeeMyBox will be available again tomorrow at a bargain price.

Bicycle box from BeeMyBox at the lion’s den

17-year-old inventor Aaron Holzhäuer made a lasting impression on the Lion’s Den. He has developed a bike box that fits almost any bike and can safely store bike accessories that can easily be stolen. This is exactly a problem at the moment, because hardly any bicycles or e-bikes offer safe storage space, where you store yours, for example Sunglasses that can accommodate a light, an air pump or a bike computer. This is possible with the “BeeSafe” from BeeMyBox. That convinced the investor duo Georg Kofler and Ralf Dümmel, who work together, and Carsten Maschmeyer, and they made the deal with the young founder.

At Lidl you can Buy BeeMyBox from March 9, 2023 for 19.99 euros (look at Lidl). This is a local offer. The price is very good, because online you have to pay 29.99 euros for the same model (look at Amazon).

You can save energy with a balcony power plant:

Power bank solar cover for retrofitting

If you want to go one step further and need energy for your mobile phone, bike computer or light on the go, then you can retrofit a power bank solar cover (watch at BeeMyBox). To do this, simply replace the cover of the BeeSafe bike box and you can install the solar cover with integrated power bank. This is charged on the way while cycling and at the same time provides energy when you really need it. At the same time, you don’t have to lug anything with you, because everything is securely installed on the bike. A really clever idea.

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