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In Hogwarts Legacy you can find and complete 58 side quests, 12 tasks from teachers and 24 relationship quests that keep you busy apart from the main quest. At this point we show you the list of all side quests and where you can find and start them.

Hogwarts legacy

Find all side quests

You can complete a total of 94 side quests in Hogwarts Legacy. This includes side quests, quests from teachers, and relationship quests for students Sebastian Sallow, Natsai Onai, and Poppy Sweeting.

Finding all the side quests isn’t difficult, as they are automatically unlocked as you progress through the main missions. Always check your order menu for main quests, because this is where new entries for side quests and tasks from teachers can often be found. Other quests are also unlocked with story progression on the map.

Once you’ve unlocked your broom, fly over the map and clear the fog of war. In Hogsmeade and other locations on the map, quests will gradually appear here that you can follow. Simply activate them via the map and complete them.

None of the side missions in the gameplay are missable. So feel free to follow the story first and complete it later. However, you should complete them as early as possible, as you can learn new spells and also get the powerful unforgivable curses.

Note that the Mind Your Business side mission is exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game. Below we list all side missions, tasks and relationship quests and tell you when and where they are activated.

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List of all 58 side missions

List of all 12 tasks

List of all 24 relationship quests

Sebastian Sallow

  • In the shadow of the bloodline
  • In the shadow of the study (Here you can find Crucio learn)
  • In the Shadow of Discovery
  • In the Shadow of Time (Here you can download Imperio learn)
  • In the shadow of the distance
  • In the shadow of hope
  • In the Shadow of the Relic (You can learn Avada Kedavra here)
  • In the shadow of fate
  • In the shadow of friendship

Natsai Onai

  • The Lost Child
  • A concerned mother
  • Extortionate intentions
  • mourning and retribution
  • focus
  • Harlow’s Last Stand
  • instinctive behavior

Poppy Sweeting

  • dragon effects
  • The Forgotten Egg
  • Home visit of the poachers
  • surprise meeting
  • The Centaur and the Stone
  • It’s in the stars
  • A snitch in the hand
  • Poppy blooms

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