Mac users pay attention: Free alternative to the 60-euro app gameandnews

Artificial intelligence not only writes texts these days, but has also been used in image processing for some time. If you are looking at the well-known Pixelmator for the Mac for a very specific task in this context, you can now save yourself the expense of almost 60 euros.


Pixelmator is great software and actually not too expensive at currently just under 60 euros (see the Mac App Store). Who, however, only the so-called Super resolution feature needed, who shies away from the expense and is looking for cheaper alternatives.

AI Magnification with Free Mac App

There are now: “Upscalo” is for the Mac for free and basically does what the Super Resolution function in Pixelmator can do. Small image templates are scaled up with the help of machine-learning algorithms and in the best possible quality (source: Upscalo).

In contrast to normal interpolation, the Sharpness retained as far as possible. In practice, of course, this sometimes works better or worse in the end, but it is still vastly superior to previous technology.

“Upscalo” is currently still in the early stages of development and is functioning currently more like a kind of magnifying glass, because the smaller image is simply scaled up or enlarged to 2,000 pixels and placed next to it. The following video by developer Morten Just demonstrates how “Upscalo” works in practice. Be sure to check it out before downloading it:

download options

Speaking of the download, as I said, it is absolutely free and can be used be made here directly. If you want to give the developer some information about the expected use for his work, use alternatively this entry page for the free download. “Upscalo” is currently in Version 0.18 Note that the compressed download takes up just over 230 MB.

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Already knew? With the latest version of the Mac operating system, you can use your iPhone as a webcam:

iPhone as a camera for the Mac: macOS Ventura makes it possible

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