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When it comes to home cinema systems, Sonos products are also very popular in Germany – the speakers, subwoofers and soundbars are not exactly cheap. But Sonos seems to see things differently. Secretly, the company has quietly raised the MSRP of two of its bestsellers.


Sonos raises prices: Beam and Sub are more expensive

If you don’t want to have to laboriously wire your home cinema system, you’ll be happy to use Sonos products. Loudspeakers and Co. can be easily connected to each other via WLAN. The setup is very easy and comfortable – but Sonos can pay for it properly. And from now on it seems even a little bit better than before.

As a look at the official shop reveals, the company has secretly turned the price screw on two bestsellers: the Sonos Beam and the Sonos Sub. In December 2022, the Sonos Beam still cost 499 euros, the Sonos Sub was offered for 849 euros. Now the RRP of both products have been increased by 50 euros. The Sonos Beam is now listed for 549 euros, the Sonos Sub officially costs 899 euros. An official reason for the sudden price increase was not given.

The Sonos Beam was able to completely convince us in the GIGA test 4 years ago:

While Sonos offers its customers a high level of convenience, the system also has some weaknesses:


Do Sonos Beam and Sub also cost more in free trade?

But in the end, much more important than the RRP of the two products is whether the prices at the dealers have also increased since then. Fortunately, not much has changed here – at least if we exclude Black Friday at the end of November from consideration.

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According to Idealo, the Sonos Beam cost around 420 to 430 euros. The current price is 420 euros. The situation is similar with Sonos Sub. Before Black Friday it went over the counter for about 680 euros, currently 690 euros are due (Source: Idealo).

Find a great price for Sonos Beam at Idealo
Find a great price for Sonos Sub at Idealo

Sonos wants to get rid of a major criticism of the products this year once and for all:

However, it remains to be seen whether free trade prices will follow suit over time. At the moment, however, retailers do not seem to be suddenly increasing the prices of the two Sonos bestsellers.

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