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Anyone who has subscribed to Disney+ is very likely not averse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe either. After all, almost all films from Marvel’s comic world run on the streaming service. With a few exceptions, new series are only shown on the screen by Disney customers. But now the boss of Marvel Studios wants to cut off the supply – with good reason.

MCU boss speaks plainly: Marvel is reducing series for Disney +

Disney+ will in the future less with series from the Marvel cosmos flooded. MCU mastermind and head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige revealed this in an interview. According to this, Marvel wants to reduce the speed and timing of the new releases on the streaming service again after there was a veritable flood of new series and specials recently.

Details called Fig opposite Entertainment Weekly not. In this respect, it is still unclear when exactly there will be a shift in the release period. It is even possible that the new plans will take effect as early as this year. For 2023 the series starts from apply Secret Invasion and Ironheart as set, as well as the second season of Loki. Agatha: Circle of Chaos, What if…? Season 2, Echo, and X-Men ’97 were also originally slated for a 2023 launch. It is still unclear whether this will still happen, whether they will all be postponed or only some.

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According to Feige, you want that give individual series “a chance to shine”. The more shows Marvel releases, the harder it gets to hit the zeitgeist with each one. In other words, more and more new content jeopardizes the success of each individual – and ultimately the MCU has to make money.

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Disney recently lost customers for the first time since launching its in-house streaming service. Accordingly, money is no longer spent on new productions with such generous hands.

With more or less new content, 2023 will be a good year for Disney+:


Highlights of 2023 on Disney+

Disney does it like Netflix: Marvel relies on more quality

On the other hand, it has probably just been overdone recently. More than a decade of more or less continuous success with Marvel productions is likely to have led those responsible to mistakenly gave the impression that practically everything is running. The streaming numbers and the decline in subscriptions have shaken that certainty – much like Netflix.

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Let’s hope that the slower rhythm also fully benefits the quality of the MCU. A hint from Feige points in the right direction for me: Without being specifically asked about it or going into it further, he also confirms in the interview that the 6 episodes of Moon Knight (watch on Disney+) Not the last time will have been that we’ve seen the unlikely Marvel hero.

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