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Even more than a year after the announcement of the Activision takeover, the potential mega deal is causing conflicts between Xbox and PlayStation. Microsoft now wants to prove again why Sony doesn’t have to worry.

PlayStation 5

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard King is still hanging in the balance at the moment due to concerns from various industry regulators and loud protests from Sony. Microsoft is using a variety of strategies to allay fears – among other things, the company is showing that it can’t currently keep up with PlayStation in terms of market share.

Xbox: PlayStation is clearly the gaming market leader

Microsoft President Brad Smith commented on the Activision deal at a press conference in Brussels, addressing Sony’s concerns. Xbox is currently far behind PlayStation in terms of market share, so a monopoly position on the part of Microsoft is no danger represent.

Smith backed this up with some numbers – Xbox has a 30 percent market share globally, while PlayStation has 70 percent. located in Europe the ratio at 80 percent to 20 percent in favor of Sony and in Japan even at 96 percent to a measly 4 percent. In the wake of these figures, Smith noted that regulators are not there to protect very dominant companies – a clear message to Sony, which wants its supremacy defended by European authorities. (Source: games industry)

In our video we explain what the takeover of Activision by Xbox could mean:


PlayStation continues to battle against Xbox takeover

So far, Sony has not been softened by Microsoft – the Japanese company has also rejected a deal that guarantees that the Call of Duty shooter series will remain on the PlayStation consoles for ten years. With it the industry leader is meanwhile quite isolated there, because both Nvidia GeForce Now and Nintendo recently agreed such a deal with Microsoft.

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How the market would actually change if Microsoft were to approve the Activision acquisition is difficult to predict, especially in the long term. In any case, the fronts still seem to have hardened in the dispute between a billionaire market leader who wants to prevent another billionaire company from rising.

Thanks to a particularly practical feature, the Xbox Series X|S has at least something ahead of the PS5:

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