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Microsoft has been trying to persuade Windows 10 users to upgrade to Windows 11 for a long time – but so far there has been no great success. Now a new strategy is being used to persuade loyal Windows 10 users to make the switch – and it’s definitely going too far.

Switch to Windows 11: Microsoft relies on full-screen message after system start

“Your PC is ready for an upgrade to Windows 11.” Messages like this have been driving some Windows 10 users with newer systems insane for months. Again and again they are told to please upgrade to Microsoft’s latest operating system and are informed about the potential advantages that Windows 11 offers them.


Despite this Windows 11 propaganda, many PC users are still sticking with Windows 10 and ignore the upgrade notes from Microsoft. This doesn’t seem to have escaped the group’s attention either, so there seems to have been a new strategy for a few weeks to push people to upgrade – and that’s it a gigantic full-screen pop-up that opens right after the PC starts:

At first glance, it almost looks as if the Windows 11 upgrade can no longer be avoided. In the middle of the screen you will find only two options, which give the user the option of upgrading immediately or scheduling it for a later date. Only at second glance does it become apparent that there is also the option of continuing to use Windows 10. The corresponding button can be found bottom left of the screen – almost hidden.

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Are you still using Windows 10? Then these practical key combinations could make your everyday work easier:

Microsoft Windows 11 Home |  1 device |  1 user |  PC activation code via email

Microsoft Windows 11 Home | 1 device | 1 user | PC activation code via email

The price may be higher now. Price as of 3/11/2023 7:36 p.m

Windows 11 at any price? Microsoft Goes Too Far – Commentary by Robert Kohlick

The fact that Microsoft continues to try to get Windows 10 users excited about Windows 11 and to motivate them to switch is not fundamentally reprehensible – however, the manner of implementation does. Even the messages in the notification center are an annoyance for many users, since they like to push themselves to the fore and sometimes even overlay running full-screen applications. It’s annoying, but the message can be closed quickly.

With the new full-screen pop-up, however, Microsoft is now going too far. The invasive message not only draws the user’s full attention and puts him on the alert, thanks to the positioning of the buttons it is even suggested that he should at the latest now has no choice and needs to upgrade to Windows 11. The fact that the option to keep Windows 10 is anchored in the lower left corner – and is therefore not in focus – is pure calculation by Microsoft.

Windows 10 is a thing of the past for Microsoft. This is also reflected in this step:

This lousy scam is a scam and tries to persuade inattentive Windows 10 users to switch to Windows 11 – even if they don’t want it. Because if they were interested in it, they would most likely have already taken advantage of one of the umpteen other upgrade offers that Microsoft keeps throwing at them.

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Windows 10 users who want to stay true to their operating system, must therefore exercise particular caution from now on. Microsoft, on the other hand, should discontinue this new marketing strategy immediately. Because even if this will definitely increase the spread of Windows 11, the affected upgrade victims will probably feel duped by Microsoft and may even think about switching to competing products.

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