Mobile phone contract without mobile phone: comparison calculator 2023 gameandnews

If you are looking for the cheapest possible mobile phone contract without a mobile phone, you should compare prices. With our comparison calculator you can easily find out which tariffs are currently the cheapest in the Telekom, Vodafone and o2 networks.

Mobile phone tariff comparison 2023: This is how you can find the currently cheapest tariffs

You want a cell phone contract without a cell phone with a lot of performance for little money? Then let yourself be inspired by our comparison calculator for SIM-only mobile phone tariffs. This spits out the currently cheapest offer in the network from Telekom, Vodafone or o2. You can make the following filter settings to refine your search:

  • talk minutes: If you want to make flat calls, then choose “unlimited”. Tariffs with minutes included may be cheaper, but meanwhile an all-network and SMS flat rate is included as standard with most tariffs.
  • data volume: This is probably the most important setting. Think carefully about how much you really need, because more data volume also costs more. If 10 GB or less is enough for you, you often only pay a few euros a month.
  • Tariff type/contract term: Do you want to stay flexible or commit yourself to a contract for 24 months? In the case of monthly terminable tariffs, a provision price of 20 euros is usually charged, which does not apply to fixed-term contracts.
  • number portability: If you want to keep your old phone number, you should select “yes” here. The phone number is free and has the advantage that there is often a bonus.
  • network provider: Telekom, Vodafone or o2? It is best to find out in advance which network is best developed in your area.
  • More filters: Here you can make further settings to get results tailored to you.
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