Mobile phone tariffs in the Vodafone network at a bargain price and can be canceled monthly gameandnews

Dr.SIM offers cell phone tariffs with a lot of LTE data volume in the Vodafone network at a bargain price. (Image source: Dr SIM)

Dr.SIM is a young cell phone brand from Klarmobil, which offers you cheap cell phone tariffs with plenty of LTE data volume in the Vodafone network. You are currently getting the connection price waived, which means that the tariffs can also be canceled monthly at no extra charge. We have put together the most important information for you.

Dr.SIM: For a short time without connection price

Updated on 03/07/2023:

The promotion is particularly well received and will therefore be extended until March 15, 2023.

At the fairly new cellphone discounter Dr SIM you get a lot LTE data allowance in the Vodafonenetwork at a bargain price (view offers at Dr.SIM). The provider belongs to Klarmobil, which in turn belongs to Freenet. With data volumes of 10 GB to 30 GB, the tariffs are worthwhile for both occasional users and frequent surfers. One Allnet and SMS flat rate is already included in all tariffs. Besides, they are too monthly cancellable available and will not increase in price over time. However, the monthly cancellable tariffs cost 19.99 euros connection fee. However, this fee is currently being waived on an action-by-action basis. Therefore, it currently makes no difference whether you choose a tariff with or without a minimum contract term of 24 months.

One data automatic does not exist – after the data volume has been used up, no further data packages will be booked for you, but only the speed will be throttled to GPRS. The tariffs support VoLTE, but no WiFi calling. We have summarized the most important details for you below.

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Tariff deals at Dr.SIM: All details at a glance

Prepaid or monthly terminable – which is better? Find out here in the video:

Dr.SIM: For whom are the low tariffs in the Vodafone network worthwhile?

You have an all-network and SMS flat rate with you for all tariffs offered by Dr.SIM. Therefore, the included data volume and the monthly cancellation option are the decisive points for your decision. From our point of view, the tariff with is the most worthwhile 20 GB data volume for 14.99 euros per month. Note, however, that these are pure LTE tariffs with a maximum bandwidth of 50 MBit/s. 5G is not included.

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