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On the one hand, electric cars should be fun, on the other hand, they should make a contribution to environmental protection. That’s why the Green NCAP regularly chooses the Stromer with which the drivers are doing the greatest favor to the climate and the environment. Tesla came in second with the Model 3 – just behind a brand that is famous for its cheap cars.


Dacia presents Tesla: Spring is the best electric car for the environment

The winner of the Green NCAP and with it that most environmentally friendly electric car of the year 2022 is the Dacia Spring. The small electric car ranks second, albeit just ahead of Tesla’s Model 3. Third place is shared by Nio’s ET7, the Cupra Born and Renault’s Megane E-Tech. The best electric vehicle for the environment is therefore also by far the cheapest.

All e-cars achieve top results in terms of air cleanliness. The Dacia Spring, however, also convinces with the best value for greenhouse gas emissions and 9.8 out of 10 points in the energy efficiency index by Green NCAP – the best value that has ever been achieved (source: Green NCAP). This means that 89 percent of the charged energy is only available for the drive.

Overall, the small electric car from the Romanian brand achieved 9.9 points, which is one Five Star Rating. The other models on the podium also create this.

Tesla’s Model 3 comes close to Dacia at 9.8. The narrow defeat for the US automaker is still bitter. After all, he claims to build a car for high demands. But at Dacia it’s all about the price, the brand saves on equipment. However, this can also have a positive effect, because with fewer frills the resource requirements also decrease.

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Dacia shows its first electric car in the video, but a lot has happened since the start:

Dacia Spring presented in the video

Dacia shows the competition what really matters

“With this outstanding result, Dacia’s small car sets a standard for the industry,” says Aleksandar Damyanov, Technical Manager at Green NCAP. And further: “With this model, the company far ahead of other manufacturers in terms of environmental impact.”

The Green NCAP is an initiative of Euro NCAP, which is primarily responsible for its crash tests and the assessment of the safety of. vehicles are known. The Green NCAP evaluates the environmental impact of cars in similar studies. When it comes to vehicle safety, however, the Euro NCAP wants more from Dacia. Then Dacia would have an even better deal with the Spring.

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