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RTL now wants to make a lot of money with its still young streaming service. On the one hand, the broadcasting group is expanding the RTL+ offering to include additional streaming content. At the same time, the subscription will be more expensive for all customers. Savings offers have also been canceled for the time being.

Even more expensive than Netflix: RTL + raises the monthly price sharply

RTL + raises the prices. This was announced by the broadcaster headquartered in Cologne. At the same time, a new subscription level for families will be introduced. The RTL+ premium subscriptionfor which customers pay the lowest price, increases as part of the restructuring from 4.99 to 6.99 euros per month. The deadline for the new prices is March 1st.

The first subscription level contains a lot of TV streaming content, but only a limited audio offer. However, customers receive this in the combination package RTL+ Max RTL+ and RTL+ music are intertwined here. Together, this previously cost EUR 9.99 per month for the first 6 months. After that, the monthly price increases to 12.99 euros. This offer will be canceled on the changeover date on March 1st, 12.99 euros will then become the normal price (watch on RTL+).

This will also be newly introduced RTL+ Family package. In terms of content, just like RTL + Max, everything that the streaming service has up its sleeve is included. For families, however, up to four parallel streams offered so that you can play different content on different devices at the same time. That will cost you then 18.99 euros per month – already a blatant announcement to charge more than Netflix.

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RTL + is not for you? We present the alternatives in a large streaming comparison:

RTL has also closed a deal with Deezer: according to RTL, subscribers to RTL + Max and the Family package have access to the complete audio book and radio play catalog from Deezer, directly in the RTL+ app. This adds around 90,000 titles.

For Henning Nieslony, Chief Streaming Officer RTL Germany, RTL+ is making an “unbeatable offer. Because we are convinced that variety, simplicity and price are crucial” (source: RTL).

No more money for RTL – it’s not worth it in any way

Felix Graves
Felix Gräber, GIGA editor, expert on electric cars, mobility and consumer issues

RTL+ is getting more expensive. For me, my short-lived subscription is history. Anyway, I just wanted to try out whether the streaming service could be something for me. With the free trial month and then only 4.99 euros a month, that was fine with me. 6.99 euros per month without really worth seeing content and a lot of technical defects on top of that are not worth it to me. In addition, under RTL leadership, jobs are now being cut en masse and many magazines from the former trade publisher Gruner + Jahr – which now belongs to RTL – are being deprived of any means of subsistence. For that alone, RTL no longer gets any money from me.

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