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Film lovers have to hurry again, because Amazon is throwing a cinema hit from the streaming flat rate on Prime Video, which even puts Avatar in the shade. You only have time to see him this month.

Attention film lovers, Amazon removed to April 1st a real cinema classic from the streaming offer. Until then, who else? “Blown by the wind” if you want to see it on Prime Video, you have to hurry (see it on Amazon Prime Video).

Blew away from Amazon Prime Video: Classic flies out

The known Southern epic from 1939 starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh is a visually stunning, full-color slapstick that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. With a record 13 Oscar nominations in 1940 and winning 8 Academy Awards plus two honorary Oscars, “Gone With the Wind” remains one of the highest-grossing films at the Academy Awards today.

Though the film has faced criticism of late for romanticizing slavery in the Historic South and thereby reinforcing racial stereotypes, Gone With the Wind remains unrivaled for movie lovers.

The ratings speak for themselves – a whopping 8.2 out of 10 points on the IMDb, 90 percent at Rotten Tomatoes. The film is still really good today, but with a running time of almost 4 hours it is also a real challenge for our stamina.

This scene alone – legendary:

Gone with the Wind Blu-ray Trailer

That’s why the film is more successful than Avatar

But why is the classic actually more successful than Avatar? How can this be? The revolutionary 3D film from 2009 is still the most financially successful film with revenues of over 2.9 billion US dollars. This is correct, but only applies to the bare figures without compensation for inflation.

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Adjusted for inflation comes “Gone with the Wind” namely to well over $3.44 billion (Status 2019, source: Guinness Book of Records). But what does this mean? In fact, everything is constantly becoming more expensive, and this sustained rise in prices is referred to as inflation. Put simply, a dollar bought more in 1939 than a dollar buys today.

If you now take the original 402 million US dollars that “Gone with the Wind” was able to bring in over the decades and compare them to today’s purchasing power, then the result is a much higher real box office earnings by today’s standards.

By the way, should you miss the film on Amazon Prime Video, it still attracts them Blu-ray to the movie. As an edition for the seventieth anniversary, it currently costs just under 9 euros (check it out at Amazon).

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