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You can currently grab a popular multiplayer survival game on Steam and save a whopping 70 percent. Conan Exiles is reduced in price on the platform until March 23rd.

Almost 5 years after its release, the survival game Conan Exiles is celebrating a comeback in the top seller charts on Steam. The game that In addition to a popular multiplayer mode, there are also options for single players offers, currently costs only 11.99 euros as part of a discount campaign by publisher Funcom.

Conan Exiles: Survival Game Gets Mega Discount on Steam

In Conan Exiles, the famous barbarian saves your life in person, giving you a second chance at life as a powerful berserker. You must assert yourself in your unforgiving environment, defy extreme weather conditions, hunt animals and gather resources in order to finally be able to build your own city. You can fight against your enemies either alone or with allies and thus consolidate your position as ruler. In addition, numerous dungeons are waiting to be explored by you.

Check out the launch trailer for Conan Exiles here:

Conan Exiles – Leaving Early Access – Launch Trailer

With over 60,000 votes, the Steam community gives the survival game a largely positive rating. If you want to try Conan Exiles too, you can the game is now 70 percent cheaper on the platform to back up – instead of 39.99 euros, it currently only costs 11.99 euros. The offer is valid until March 23, 2023 as part of the Funcom sale.

Conan Exiles

Steam bestseller: Survival hits conquer the charts

While Conan Exiles is currently stalking the top 10 of the Steam charts, the survival horror hit Sons of the Forest has been causing a stir in the bestseller list since the start of the Early Access phase. In addition, survival fans can currently also over a hefty discount on the apocalyptic strategy game Frostpunk – the cult game currently only costs 6 euros on Steam.

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