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In June two years ago, a very special “end-of-times series” ran on Netflix, appropriately and thematically not very far removed from the corona pandemic. It became a real surprise hit. The little “Sweet Tooth” aka “Gus” took the hearts of viewers by storm, and a second season was quickly assured. Soon it will finally start with the popular streaming provider.


In the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth” we experience the world after a global virus outbreak, in which babies are born with characteristics of animals – called hybrids. Gus is one of them, a deer-man-boy, who initially grew up isolated in the woods with his father. When he dies, Gus sets out to find his mother and the great adventure begins.

Season 2 of Sweet Tooth arrives on Netflix in late April

Sound extraordinary? It is, because the series dares to do one unusual narrative style for the end times approach. You’re rooting for every minute and just take “Gus” straight to your heart. What “Ellie” is in “The Last of Us”, the little deer-human hybrid is in “Sweet Tooth”.

Even the trailer for the first season takes you into this very special world:

Sweet Tooth – Trailer German

After “Sweet Tooth” was in the top 10 most-watched series of the day on Netflix in the US for 30 days in 2021 and over 60 million households watched it in the first four weeks for Netflix the 2nd season for sure. It was filmed last year, but when is the sequel coming to Netflix?

We don’t have to wait much longer, because as Netflix is ​​now revealing, it will on Thursday April 27thfinally here – almost two years after the release of the first season (Watch Sweet Tooth on Netflix).

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Season 2 has been in the can since last year – Insights from the shooting:

Sweet Tooth – Season 2 – Wrap Teaser English

No question: Absolutely worth seeing

By the way, the reviews for “Sweet Tooth” were unequivocally positive. In the IMDb it is enough for 7.8 out of a maximum of 10 points. Even more convincing is the picture of the pros from Rotten Tomatoes – 97 percent is an announcement. Not much worse the assessment of the viewers with 87 percent agreement.

In the summary it reads like this (Citationtranslated): “Emotional, excellently played and incredibly entertaining, will delight Sweet Tooth Fantasy fans of all ages.

Fans and those who want to become fans can now look forward to April 27th. Then the exciting end-time adventure will finally be continued.

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