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If you want to produce your own electricity, then a balcony power plant is an easy way to do it. At Netto there is now a mini solar system as a complete set at a bargain price. The price has been reduced by 100 euros.

Netto sells balcony power plants cheaper

Anyone who has not yet purchased a balcony power plant should think about it now at the latest. Since sales tax on solar systems was abolished in 2023, prices have fallen significantly. In addition, more and more dealers are showing interest in selling them complete sets. Netto has jumped on the bandwagon and has put together an interesting offer with the balcony power plant from Juskys. For only 599.99 euros you get a set of two solar cells, the micro-inverter, a cable and the necessary caps (look at the net). There are still shipping costs of 2.95 euros.

Juskys balcony power plant 600W solar system complete set photovoltaic system ready to plug in monocrystalline

Juskys balcony power plant 600W solar system complete set photovoltaic system ready to plug in monocrystalline

The price may be higher now. Price as of 03/18/2023 01:31

Netto offers various balcony power plants, some of which were sold out quickly or have long delivery times. The price of 600 euros for the set is good, especially since you get a 600-watt inverter with WiFi, which you can use to read the data directly. The monocrystalline solar cells, each with 410 watts (together 820 watts) are also useful if there is shading. A NA protection is installed. So you shouldn’t have any problems logging in.

Think of the bracket:

Alternative on eBay:

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There are no shipping costs there, so you really only pay what is required there. Delivery is fast and it is a reliable seller. The inverter also supports WiFi. The solar cells may exceed an output of 600 watts if the inverter only outputs 600 watts to the grid. This way you generate more energy on cloudy days.

What you need to know about balcony power plants:

What you mustn’t forget

If you buy such a set from Netto or other retailers, you really only get the two solar cells, the inverter, cables and caps. You still need a holder and have to register the system so that everything is legal. I summarized how this works in this article.

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