Samsung has to adapt to new competition. After a long wait, Google’s first folding cell phone is expected this year: the Pixel Fold. According to the first information, this should be a real chump. But the weight also has an advantage.


They should be slim, feel good in the hand and still offer a large display: Our mobile phones don’t have it easy. One way to square the circle is with foldable smartphones.

Samsung has been the undisputed number 1 in this future market since 2019. But this year the South Koreans will face further competition in the form of Google. Their Pixel Fold will differ from the current Galaxy Z Fold in a few key points – including weight.

Pixel Fold is said to be heavier than Galaxy Z Fold 4

The insiders did not reveal an exact weight to 9to5Google. However, it should Pixel Fold weighs more than the 263 grams of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (Source 9to5Google). The Google cell phone should be comparable to a small tablet in terms of weight and “clearly heavier than the already powerful Pixel 7 Pro”, it says. For classification: The Pixel 7 Pro weighs 212 grams.

Google’s folding cell phone should also differ from the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in terms of dimensions and approx be wider but shorter. Overall, the Pixel Fold is similar to the Oppo Find N2.

You can see what the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is capable of here:

Google’s folding cell phone is said to have a larger battery than competing models

However, the higher weight of the Pixel Fold should have one advantage: a bigger battery. The capacity is said to be “significantly larger than competing models,” say 9to5Google sources. What that means in concrete terms is not disclosed.

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However, comparative values ​​are mentioned: Google’s first folding cell phone is said to have a noticeably larger battery than the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (4,400 mAh) and the Oppo Find N2 (4,250 mAh). The battery capacity is said to be “closer, but still well below 5,000 mAh”.