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PS Plus has something very special to offer this month: Tchia is out today (March 21st) and can be downloaded free of charge by PS Plus owners with the release. Best of all, Tchia is an open world adventure with heavy Zelda vibes, and the critics are loving it.

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Xbox Game Pass is usually more known for offering brand new games for subscribers as soon as they are released. With the release of the paradisiacal open-world adventure Tchia on PS Plus, Sony seems to be trying a similar strategy. Unfortunately, you don’t get Tchia in the normal PS Plus subscription, but only with PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium. Since it’s not a full-price game, subscribing just because of Tchia may not be all that enticing.

Tchia is a tropical sandbox adventure with a loving story about the culture of New Caledonia. Tchia heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and why not? After all, BotW’s gameplay is insanely creative and fun. If there are more games like this from now on, no one will be sad.

Check out the trailer for Tchia:

Tchia: Adventure trailer and release date | PS4, PS5, German subtitles

Tchia is getting fantastic reviews: A laid-back adventure in the Caribbean

In Tchia you and a young girl explore the island landscape of New Caledonia, including beautiful sunsets, tropical forests and Caribbean coral reefs. After Tchia’s father was kidnapped by the tyrant Meavora, you also have to set out on a journey to free him – but the big world of the game is completely open to you.

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In the spirit of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can climb over every obstacle, have a glider and can explore new islands with sailing boats. But that’s not all, Tchia has a magical power that allows her to transform herself transform into any object or animal. You want to progress faster? Transform into a bird and fly! Or go swimming as a fish and roll around as a ball.

Tchia is not just an open-world adventure, it lets you get started Physics Puzzles puzzling and feels like a giant sandbox. A big point here, however, is the story, which revolves around the culture of New Caledonia: The developers are from the area and have therefore created a game that lets you immerse yourself in the myths and everyday life of the people there. This also seems to work beautifully: The international press mostly rates Tchia very positively and especially praises the atmosphere as well as the open world of the game (check out the Review overview on Reddit at).

Directly from PS Plus: For the release on March 21, 2023, Tchia will also appear on PS Plus and can therefore be downloaded free of charge by some subscribers (Premium and Extra). You can play Tchia on PS4, PS5 and on Steam.

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