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The impending ban on gas and oil heating is causing sleepless nights for many Germans. New subsidies for the installation of heat pumps are planned, but this does not go far enough for certain politicians. They are now demanding a scrappage premium and a climate bonus that will provide financial support for the conversion.

CSU calls for more relief

If the current government’s plan works, the installation of new gas and oil heating systems will be banned from 2024. From 2024, only heat carriers that run on 65 percent renewable energies should be installed. This primarily includes the heat pump. But pellet heating or district heating could also be used. Millions of buildings would therefore have to be converted. Depending on age and condition, this can cost several tens of thousands of euros. CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt calls for it more relief there (source: Bild-Zeitung, via MDR).

The politician demands one Climate bonus of 80 percent of the costs, if the old heating is replaced. Also, he wants one scrapping bonus, with which particularly energy-hungry heating systems are additionally promoted. The aim is to convince people to switch to climate-friendly heating instead of forcing them to do so with bans.

In fact, the federal government is planning to revise the subsidies. There should be more relief there, which then geared more towards income for the first time. In this way, people with lower incomes should be relieved more than people with high incomes, who can also afford the conversion themselves. However, the details are not yet known.

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What you need to know about the heat pump:

A lot is still up in the air

Not only the ban on gas and oil heating has not yet been decided and is pending, but also the possible relief that awaits you when you replace it. There is already up to 35 percent funding from the state. But that may not be enough for many who are being forced to convert. So more is needed. And new adversity is already threatening from the EU. There work is being done on a remediation obligation.

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