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New smartwatch eliminates major disadvantage gameandnews


The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro (picture) could have an exciting successor. (Image source: GIGA)

Xiaomi not only develops smartphones, but also many other products. These also include smartwatches that set very high standards in terms of quality and battery life. In order to meaningfully expand the portfolio, Samsung is now to be attacked directly.


Xiaomi wants to build first smartwatch with Android

Xiaomi has been offering smartwatches for several years that have a relatively large range of functions and offer a long service life. However, its own software is used as the operating system. A seamless connection to the Android smartphone is only possible to a limited extent. That should change in the future with a new smartwatch. Loud 9to5Google Xiaomi is supposed to be working on a smartwatch that running Wear OS 3.0. This will continue to appear under the Xiaomi branding and will be set up via the Xiaomi Wear app.

This would put Xiaomi in direct competition with Samsung and the Galaxy Watch series, which now also runs Wear OS and can therefore work perfectly with Android smartphones. Samsung has massively helped Google make Wear OS more popular, so maybe Xiaomi has gotten a taste now too and planning your own Android watch. With this, Xiaomi would be doing a great favor for many fans who want a smartwatch with Wear OS that works optimally with a Xiaomi Android phone.

The latest Xiaomi smartwatch presented in the video:

Battery life could become an issue

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro achieves a battery life of up to 14 days. A new smartwatch with Wear OS 3.0 will by no means even come close to reaching this value. Reach smartwatches from Google or Samsung Terms of one to two days. With luck three days are possible. But nothing more. But you also get a much larger range of functions and better smartphone integration.

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It will be exciting to see if Xiaomi just builds a Wear OS watch or if it also wants to score with health functions such as ECG or blood pressure measurement. This is possible with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (test), for example.


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