New Steam bestseller relies on a piquant recipe for success: coke, cheese and guns gameandnews

The German Steam top sellers are always good for a surprise. Curious newcomers still have a chance here and sometimes even manage to make it to the top places. So does the brand new Contraband Police, which just seems to be conquering the hearts of PC gamers.

Contraband Police makes a terrific Steam launch

Haven’t you ever wondered what a day at work for a Soviet border guard in the 1980s might have been like? Probably not rudimentary as in the new steam hit Contraband Police. The curious simulator lets you in slip into the role of an official at the border of a communist country.

As in Papers Please, it is primarily your task to check whether the documents of those entering the country are correct. If you notice anything unusual, you can refuse to cross the border. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your area of ​​responsibility will also include checking the trunk, loading area, goods and sometimes even the inside of seat upholstery and car tires. Because your border crossing seems to be particularly popular with smugglers, who loaded drugs, among other things.

First scenes from Contraband Police can be seen in the trailer:

It is not uncommon for the bad guys to try to avoid arrest by suddenly stepping on the gas. When that happens, you’ll have to jump into your police car and give chase. And of course the smugglers don’t shy away from armed violence in an emergency. to defend you you too can use the gun in such situations and render the opponents harmless with well-aimed shots.

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Gradually you will earn some money through successful searches and arrests, which you can use to to further expand your border post.

Contraband Police cheaper at Steam launch

Anyone who has tasted blood and wants to try out the weird combination of first-person shooter and simulator can do so Install and play the demo for free via Steam.

Weird simulators are your thing? Then we have just the right thing for you:

Should you like Contraband Police, you can then play the game for 17.16 euros buy. The Steam newcomer normally costs 19.50 euros – but the game is sold a little cheaper at the start. Contraband Police certainly seems to have struck a chord with Steam players.

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