Nintendo soon obsolete? AI now also builds Mario levels gameandnews

An AI program can build Mario levels that are almost indistinguishable from the original. (Image source: Nintendo)

AI programs like ChatGPT are getting stronger and stronger. They can write texts, draw pictures and apparently also design games. A developer is now introducing his AI, which can build an entire Super Mario level with just a few words.

Super Mario Maker 2

Game development is that easy: AI does the work for Nintendo

The topic of AI is on everyone’s lips these days. At the moment, however, it is not (yet) a question of whether machines will one day take over the world. Instead, AI programs such as ChatGPT and DALL-E first take care of creative activities such as writing texts and painting pictures. But game developers are also comfortable no longer safe from the rise of AI. Mario GPT can now build complete levels for the classic Super Mario Bros. without any problems.

MarioGPT comes from a group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen. According to Sebastian Risi on Twitter, the AI ​​is based on GPT-2. Then she only needs a few words. For example, you can specify how many opponents, how many blocks and how many tubes you want. The AI ​​then spits finished two-dimensional super mario level and even suggests a way a player should best complete the course.

Check out the man-made trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie here:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Trailer German

AI replaces the Super Mario Makers players

With the Super Mario Maker for the Switch, Nintendo has long outsourced the creation of levels itself. With MarioGPT, however, the fans could now also be replaced. According to Risi, the AI ​​still has a few quirks. On the whole, however, she would already be doing her job very well. MarioGPT is the first “Text-to-Level Model” its kind.

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Ultimately, the goal is to enable the “creation of an ever-increasing variety of infinite content.” Procedurally generated games could take another big step forward with such programs (source: MarioGPT).

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