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With a subscription to DAZN you can follow the Champions League, Bundesliga, boxing and many other sports highlights in the stream. For years, users had the opportunity to get a taste of the offer as part of the trial month at DAZN. Free access for new customers is no longer available. But there is an alternative that can be viewed free of charge indefinitely.

As early as 2021, the sports streaming service will have the opportunity for time-limited free access abolished. If you register for the first time, you can currently only choose between the monthly and annual subscription, which you have to pay for from the first day. With DAZN Fast and DAZN Rise, there are two new TV channels from the sports provider that you can watch permanently for free.

At the end of 2022, the sports streaming service introduced a new linear TV channel with “DAZN Fast”. You can receive the station via waipu.TV. DAZN Fast does not require a subscription to waipu.TV. The station is advertising-financed. The premium option of the TV streaming service can be tried out for free after the first registration, so that you can get a complete overview of the rest of the program.


DAZN Fast & Rise: Watch channels for free

DAZN Fast is aimed at all sports fans who do not have a DAZN subscription. It is a television channel that broadcasts a linear program 24 hours a day. The name stands for “Free Ad Supported Streaming”. The TV station is thus financed by advertising. DAZN Fast does not require a paid subscription. The station can be viewed free of charge with a waipu.TV login. Not all content from the DAZN range is available, but you can watch live games from Serie A or La Liga for free. On the other hand, you have to do without Bundesliga or Champions League broadcasts.

More about DAZN at Waipu.TV

With DAZN Rise, another DAZN “FAST” channel was launched at Waipu.TV at the beginning of March. The station focuses on various women’s sports. For example, you can watch the UEFA Women’s Champions League games live here.

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Test the entire DAZN program for 30 days in a trial month?

The opportunity to register for the DAZN trial month was available from day one when the service started in Germany in August 2016. The short free subscription was discontinued as of September 30, 2021. So sports fans had at least for a full five yearsto be convinced by the streaming service. If you are unsure whether you will like the DAZN program permanently, you can currently book the service for one month from 9.99 euros.

To see all content from the DAZN catalogue, you need the DAZN standard subscription for 24.99 euros. If you also need the option for 2 streams instead of one parallel stream, you can book DAZN Unlimited for 29.99 euros. Termination is possible on a monthly basis. You can no longer try any of the options for free.

No more free option at DAZN

You must provide a valid payment method when registering. At DAZN, this includes the options PayPal, direct debit, credit card or prepaid cards, which you can find in the supermarket, electronics store or at the gas station.

Aside from the term and cost, there is no differenceswhether you have booked DAZN as a monthly subscription or as an annual subscription. The content is therefore the same for both options. However, the DAZN World option only offers a limited range of programs. Champions League and Bundesliga are only included in the Standard and Unlimited options.

If you don’t want to watch the sports streams on the small cell phone screen or at your desk on the PC, you can also receive DAZN on the TV.

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DAZN isn’t the only well-known streaming service to scrap the free trial period. Netflix no longer has a trial month either. It remains to be seen whether there will be special promotions after the end of the limited free offer, where you can temporarily get cheaper access to DAZN or free days for a streaming event.

Free promotions from other providers

In March, you’ll get another chance to watch DAZN for free when you buy a new Samsung smart TV or soundbar. With corresponding campaign devices, there is even free access to DAZN live sports for 3, 6 or 12 months. More about the campaign at Samsung. If you have bought a promotional device, you will see a promotional banner after switching it on as soon as you have logged in with your Samsung account. Select the banner. You can also have a voucher code for the free months at DAZN sent to you. Redeem the voucher code when registering in your DAZN account.

Most recently, there was a special offer for Magenta TV customers, where DAZN was not just one, but Try it for three months free of charge could. Thanks to cooperation with other online services, special offers for DAZN access are conceivable in the future. As soon as there is information about this or DAZN reintroduces the trial month, you will find out at GIGA.

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