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Now all I’m missing is this ingenious product gameandnews


After Apple quite surprisingly relaunched the big HomePod, it would actually be time to bring back a much more useful product in my opinion. I am happy to share my thoughts on this with you in the current issue of the weekend column at GIGA.


Apple is in a “comeback frenzy” and is actually bringing back the original “HomePod” that was discontinued just two years ago – improved, of course. Congratulations to all potential buyers. However, I would like to see a completely different product from Apple back, a device that will probably be useful for many more users. In short: I would like to have one again AirPort base station from Apple.

Come on, finally bring Apple AirPort back

A what? This may need to be briefly explained to the younger readers, after all Apple stopped selling 5 years ago and even then the parts had been on the market unchanged since 2013. Ergo: Nothing has changed in this regard at Apple for 10 years.

Cool spot for the AirPort launch 24 years ago:

Apple AirPort commercial (1999)

An AirPort Base Station (last sold as the AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express, and Time Capsule, respectively) is nothing more than a WLAN router. What sounds banal today was a minor revolution in the summer of 1999. I was there live on the screen when Steve Jobs presented the first iBook and proudly presented the WLAN capability as a small “one more thing”. Back then, “AirPort,” as Apple called it, was still optional. But soon WLAN also became standard at Apple.

A tangible advantage was the system integration at Apple. (Image source: Apple)

Apple’s AirPort base stations could easy to set up become. Something that you can’t always say about the alternatives on the market, even today. The software-side integration with Mac, iPhone and iPad was an advantage for Apple and users. Something I still miss today.

Potential product range

If Apple is already making a comeback for older devices, why not their own WLAN routers based on the latest technology (Wi-Fi 6E)? With the product family was one broad and well positioned recently:

  • Airport Express: The small compact router. Could I imagine it as a wonderful mesh WLAN solution today? Customers would therefore buy several of them at the same time in order to optimally cover the entire apartment or house.
  • Airport Extreme: The big router with all the gimmicks that are very easy to control à la Apple.
  • AirPort Time Capsule: A backup solution with a hard drive (alternatively SSD) for the home would still make sense today.

In my opinion, all three devices should also act as a hub (HomeKit) in order to be able to serve as the basis for the smart Apple home. I don’t understand why Apple has let such an opportunity pass by so far.

The time is ripe for AirPort comeback, but Apple has to want it too. I would be there, I’m looking for a good router with Wi-Fi 6E anyway. A model from Apple would have a good chance of being bought by me.

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