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Tesla has already celebrated success with its first reductions at the beginning of the year. Now some of the e-cars are even cheaper. Those who are flexible in their selection can look forward to further discounts at Tesla – and it’s quick too.


Tesla sells inventory: You can now really save on the Model 3

The secret with which you can currently secure a cheaper Tesla is actually a well-known one, but for a different reason: whoever opts for one available configuration when buying a new car, can often significantly reduce the waiting time, not only at Tesla. The US manufacturer is now also offering an attractive discount on many e-cars that are readily available.

So you can find Tesla under the category “Demonstration and new vehicle inventory” currently a large selection of new cars that can be delivered in a short time and are offered with handsome discounts: Among them is about this style 3 in several designs and colors (source: Tesla). The discounts are included a little under 3,000 euros (as of March 6).

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

With the Model Y built in Germany, the discounts are similarly high. However, there is currently less choice here than with the Model 3. If you are interested in a Tesla, you should always be one check whether your wishes might be included among the new cars are and are offered more cheaply than via the configurator. But make sure that not all demonstration and new cars with discount Tobe offered.

Behind the discounts is not only niceness towards the customers, but an increasing problem at Tesla: While the Gigafactory in Grünheide, among others, recently reached a new production high, the Sales figures probably do not keep up with production. So Tesla has more electric cars than you can get rid of. In order to reduce inventory, prices for already built models are falling. Our colleague Peter Hryciuk predicted that some time ago.

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Don’t miss these fun facts about Tesla:

Problems with TÜV: Tesla Model 3 and Model S do not age well

Many Tesla models are currently cheap. However, anyone who decides to buy a Tesla should consider: After a few years on the hump, the first vehicles are now arriving at the TÜV. There Model S and Model 3 fall by Tesla now for the second year in a row as worst electric car in each case in a special evaluation of the HU-TÜV statistics.

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