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A special kind of scam has been exposed: In the online shop Doctor Raw, buyers are supposed to automatically become members of a Reich Citizens’ Community. Allegedly, German laws do not apply. The consumer advice center in Hesse is now suing for an injunction.

Consumer center sues Reichsbürger shop

Reich citizens who do not want to recognize the laws of the German state have one devised a perfidious method for recruiting members. According to their ideas, just buying from an online supplement store should be enough to become part of their group.

Hidden at the bottom of the Doctor Raw shop, it is still said that buyers for the duration of the business relationship “a temporary affiliation to the Kingdom of Germany” would own. As a result, German laws are also irrelevant. Instead, “the constitution, laws and jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Germany” would apply. After all, it is said that buyers would not incur any “duties and costs”.

That such notices are not legally binding should be beyond question. Nevertheless, the consumer advice center Hessen has accepted the case and sued for omission. In addition to the hyped membership in the so-called Kingdom of Germany, the consumer advocates are also concerned with the products offered in the shop. These would be advertised with “inadmissible promises of health and illness”.

Instead of becoming a citizen of the Reich: tips on mental health in the video.

Philipp Wendt, head of the consumer advice center in Hesse, sees one clear violation of consumer rights. Anyone who wants to sell products in Germany cannot “just dream up a fantasy state” (source: Consumer Center Hesse).

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Reichsbürger: The Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees potential danger

Due to an affinity for weapons and partly anti-Semitic arguments, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees a potential threat in Reich citizen groups. During a raid in December 2022, the police were able to secure more than 100 weapons from a group. Also live ammunition from Bundeswehr stocks should have been found (source: daily News).

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