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HBO’s The Last of Us is a huge hit and is without a doubt one of the most popular shows out there right now. But even if the video game series is well received by critics and audiences, there is one thing many fans of the original are missing! We’re talking about the clickers.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us: An almost perfect series?

Despite all the doubts beforehand: The series based on the PlayStation hit The Last of Us is a huge success and after just a few episodes it became a Possibly the best video game adaptation of all time celebrated.

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Eight of the nine episodes of the first season have now been released, so series fans can expect the premature finale next Monday. But no worry: Season 2 has already been confirmed!

Accordingly, the general impression will not change much. On IMDb The Last of Us holds one, for example User score of 91 percent. On Metacritic the user ratings, on the other hand, are much worse: 64 percent on average. Why is that?

Fans want more infected in the series

Well, while some users complain about the casting or label the series as “woke”, there are also criticisms that we can certainly understand.

Specifically, it’s about the infected, i.e. the actual antagonists of the series the absence of this in the series.

There is also one for this circumstance fairly active Reddit thread:

In summary: Many fans are bothered by that the infected get far too little attention in the series. While there are a few episodes where the mushroom zombies make an impact, they’re generally more of a fringe feature of the film.

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In the video game, on the other hand, you regularly encounter the infected.

But of course that is also open the peculiarities of a game attributed. A user also refers to this in the comments:

“Every game has this problem.

In RDR2 you kill the entire population of Texas, but the movies it mimics often have single-digit body counts.

Games always have a gigantic bodycount in the service of gameplay – the player has to do something minute by minute.”

This argument is undeniably true, but of course it would have been nice to see the infected a little more often. Precisely because the series stages the monsters so wonderfully. Maybe clicker fans will get their money’s worth in the finale?

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