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ING has announced maintenance work. (Image source: IMAGO / Hannelore Förster)

Starting today, ING Germany is planning maintenance work that will take place over a period of 15 hours. Online banking is not possible during this time. After all, a new banking design will then be available to the bank’s more than 9 million customers.

ING: maintenance work from March 24th to 25th, 2023

On the night of March 24-25, 2023 maintenance work ensures that online banking is not available. According to the announcement, the service work on the systems will take place over 15 hours, from 11 p.m. on Friday 24 March to 2 p.m. on Saturday 25 March.

Payment processes with the smartphone or with the card should be able to continue to be carried out independently of the maintenance work. According to ING, no restrictions are to be expected here (source: ING).

According to ING, a conscious decision was made to carry out maintenance work at night in order to keep the impact on customers as low as possible. The work is necessary to “regularly put the technology to the test” and at the same time introduce new functions. Also in the future Data security guaranteed at all times be. The work takes place both in online banking and in the ING app Banking to go.

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ING: New design for internet banking

As a small consolation for the maintenance work, customers can a new design for internet banking rejoice with the ING. From March 25, 2023 – i.e. immediately after the service work – it should be even tidier and clearer. With the new design, ING also paid attention to better usability and eye-friendly color contrasts. Accounts can also be personalized with their own name and icon if required.

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