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Which driver is not very familiar with the following situation: A car creeps along the freeway with no speed limit at 100 kilometers per hour in the fast lane – for no apparent reason, because both right lanes are free. The temptation is therefore great to quickly pass by on the right. In this guide you can find out why this is not a good idea, what penalties are imminent and what exceptional scenarios there are.


Overtaking on the right in town and out of town: This is in the Road Traffic Regulations and penalties

Serious accidents happen again and again because people overtake on the right. The Road Traffic Act (StVO) is therefore clear: You must always overtake on the left. You can read about this in paragraph 5, paragraph 1 (to the law). There are therefore only a few exceptions on multi-lane roads outside of built-up areas, including motorways. If you overtake on the right, you can expect a fine of 100 euros outside of built-up areas and a point in Flensburg.

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There are also multi-lane roads in town. The rules are a bit different there, because here you can freely choose the lane. In this case, overtaking on the right-hand side is not illegal. On the contrary: people turning left and rail vehicles such as trams even have to be overtaken on the right. The only requirement for this is that your vehicle is no heavier than 3.5 tons. If you do not comply with the legal regulations, you will pay a fine of 30 euros (source: ADAC).

Where else overtaking is prohibited, you can read here:


Exceptions to the overtaking ban

You may not only be allowed to overtake in built-up areas, it is also permitted in certain situations outside of built-up areas and on the motorway. If the traffic is very slow or if it is even backed up, then there is Exceptions to the overtaking ban:

  • forms on the left a queue of vehicles, you can drive faster on the right than on the left. However, it is important that all lanes are full and that you drive side by side. If the traffic in your lane is slightly faster, you can overtake the road users on your left on the right. This is stipulated in paragraph 7, paragraph. 2 of the Road Traffic Regulations (to the law).
  • Are the vehicles on the left or are they moving? at a maximum of 60 kilometers per hour, you can also pass on the right. However, this is only permitted if the difference in speed is no more than 20 kilometers per hour. However, increased caution is required here, because vehicles could swerve to the right at any time.
  • Are you still on that acceleration lane, you can also overtake on the right. But that’s because they don’t technically belong to the roadway.

Driving on the right & passing lane: It could be so easy

Why do speeders even get the dangerous idea of ​​overtaking on the right? It is often the case that the Fast lane occupied for no apparent reason – partly by significantly slower road users. Pushers then often not only drive up close and flash their headlights, they finally overtake on the right. Incidentally, coercion is another offense and is punished severely: in some cases, a 3-year prison sentence threatens.

This is to avoid such situations drive on the right. Basically, you have to drive in the right lanes. If you don’t stick to it for no apparent reason, it can also be expensive. There is a risk of a fine of 80 euros and a point in Flensburg. The regulation is defined in paragraph 2 of the StVO, in paragraph 2 (to the law):

(2) Drive as far to the right as possible, not only in oncoming traffic, when being overtaken, on crests, in curves or when there is a lack of visibility.

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