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According to a new study, drivers of e-cars get nothing from the climate bonus and the price brake for electricity. The operators of charging stations would not pass on their additional income to consumers. The price at the charging station could drop by as much as 56 percent.

E-cars: price brakes and climate bonuses are not popular

A new study by the green electricity provider LichtBlick has shown that electricity at public charging stations for electric cars costs an average of 52 cents per kilowatt hour. If the charging station operators Additional income from the climate bonus and the electricity price brake passed on to consumers, e-car drivers would only have to pay 23 cents. That’s 56 percent less.

The electricity price brake, which has been in effect since March 1st, also applies to public charging stations, but the money goes directly to the operators. The legislator does not stipulate that the subsidy should be passed on to consumers. Only one operator stated that it would pass on the price brake – but only from the end of the year.

LichtBlick spokesman Ralph Kampwirth criticizes the federal government. They simply failed to oblige the charging station operators to pass on the additional proceeds. The turnaround in traffic is being slowed down by the high electricity prices at the charging station. The whole situation is “absurd”since e-car drivers are not relieved (source: LichtBlick).

Some e-cars charge up quickly:

E-Auto XPeng G9 charges at lightning speed

E-car electricity: charging station monopolies as a danger

According to the investigation, the reason for the high prices is also due to the Monopoly structure of the charging station market. Depending on the region, up to 91 percent of the public charging points are in the hands of a single operator. In this context, LichtBlick speaks of a “massive market failure” and calls for reforms. The “fairy tale of competition” is now over.

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The green electricity provider suggests that every supplier can deliver its electricity to every public charging station should. Customers would then be able to choose their electricity supplier independently of the operator of the charging station.

The suggestion may be good, but it is not altruistic. According to its own information, Lichtblick is Germany’s largest provider of green electricity. An open charging network for all providers would also help the company itself to market its electricity.

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