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Despite being a bit older, the Google Pixel 6a is still one of the best Android smartphones when looking at the price-performance ratio. You can currently get it from Deinhandy together with an all-network and SMS flat rate and 6 GB of data volume at an absolute bargain price. We’ll show you why the deal is worth it.

Your cell phone: Google Pixel 6a with 6 GB & Allnet/SMS flat rate at a bargain price

With your cellphone it is just that Google Pixel 6a with Blue All-in S fare can be obtained particularly cheaply in the o2 network (view the offer on your mobile phone). For only 14.99 euros per month you will receive an Allnet and SMS flat rate as well as 6 GB LTE data volume with up to 50 MBit/s. In addition, there is a one-time fee of 44.94 euros for additional payment, connection price and shipping.

To the offer at Deinhandy

Tariff details at a glance:

  • Tariff: Blue All-in S
  • Network: o2
  • 6GB LTE data volume (max. 50 MBit/s)
  • Allnet and SMS flat rate
  • EU roaming included
  • 24 months minimum term, 1 month notice period

Google Pixel 6a on your cell phone: That’s why the tariff bundle is worth it

The costs of the offer at a glance
Basic charge
14.99 euros
additional payment
(once, at the beginning of the contract)
4.95 euros
connection fee
(once, at the beginning of the contract)
Total cost after 24 months
(in the event of termination at the end of the minimum contract period,
monthly and one-off costs added)
404.70 euros
device value
(current online best price according to idealo.de)
306.61 euros
effective cost tariff
(total costs less device value)
98.09 euros
Effective cost tariff per month 4.09 euros
To the offer at Deinhandy
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According to the idealo price comparison, the Google Pixel 6a with 128 GB currently costs around 307 euros. If you subtract this value from the total cost of EUR 404.70 (after 24 months) for the tariff, you stay 98.09 euros left over. So you get that Tariff here effectively for 4.09 euros per month.

To the offer at Deinhandy

The calculation with the low price only works if you cancel at the end of the minimum contract period. If you should forget this, the contract will not be extended by another year, but can be canceled monthly.

This is the Pixel 6a

Good software, long updates, lively design – this is probably the best way to summarize the smartphones from Google’s Pixel series. Of course, this also applies to the Pixel 6a, which is a slightly slimmed down and partially improved version of the older Google Pixel 6. Here is our comparison video for the Google Pixel 6:

The strengths of the Pixel 6a lie primarily in the photography and intelligent software with many clever Pixel-exclusive features. The Pixel 6a is slightly smaller than its older brother, the Pixel 6. However, the performance of the Google Tensor chip built into both devices is still in the upper range. The OLED display has the same resolution as the Pixel 6, but the 6a only offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The design is quite eye-catching because of the visor bar containing the cameras and the green and white color variants.

Secure Google Pixel 6a at a bargain price

Despite software improvements, the in-display fingerprint sensor hasn’t won any speed competitions either. Compared to the significantly more expensive, larger sister device, the Pixel 6 Pro, you have to do without the 120 Hz display and a telescopic zoom in the camera. With the current tariff deal at Deinhandy with a particularly low effective price, however, these disadvantages can be easily coped with.

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