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Racing fans can now secure a real bargain in the PlayStation Store: EA’s racing game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is currently reduced by 90 percent and is causing a stir in the sales charts.

PlayStation 5

Racing fans with a PS4 or PS5 can now look forward to a very special offer in the PlayStation Store: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered is currently available for 4 euros to have – so you can dust off a fast-paced racing game at a top price.

Need for Speed: PS4 racing game heavily discounted

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was originally released in 2010 – the remaster edition was released in 2020 and contains the base game along with all the main DLCs in souped-up graphics. So you can get back behind the steering wheels of cut sports cars and deliver explosive chases with the police in Seacrest.

Check out the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered launch trailer below:

NfS Hot Pursuit Remastered: Official Launch Trailer

The NfS original was able to convince across the board in 2010 – the remaster has to put up with a few points less on Metacritic, but the full-throttle gameplay has been retained and still provides plenty of racing fun on the PS4 and PS5. (Source: Metacritic)

You can now convince yourself of the qualities of the lead foot adventure at a particularly low price – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered currently only costs 3.99 euros in the PlayStation Store. The Offer runs until February 16, 2023.

Available on PlayStation Store

PlayStation charts: racing games are going full throttle

In addition to Hot Pursuit, the Need for Speed ​​series is currently represented in the PlayStation charts with another game. NfS: Heat is also reduced in price by 90 percent and therefore currently only costs 6.99 euros. If instead you’re in the mood for a little more arcade flair, you can also grab an outstanding Mario Kart alternative for your PlayStation with Crash Team Racing – the kart racing highlight is currently also available with a 65 percent discount in the to find the bestseller list.

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If you play your new racing game on your PS5, you should keep this DualSense tip in mind:

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