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Anyone who has to prepare a tax return for the year 2022 can look forward to inexpensive help: Amazon currently has the popular and beginner-friendly tax program WISO Steuer 2023 on offer at a greatly reduced price. GIGA has the details of the deal for you.

Beginner-friendly tax program WISO Steuer 2023 on offer at Amazon

Filing tax returns isn’t exactly a favorite pastime for most people. With WISO tax 2023 However, a particularly user-friendly special software is available, which is available from Amazon at a particularly low price is only available for 24.99 euros instead of 44.99 euroswith which you sated 44% can save.

The activation code for WISO Steuer 2023 is conveniently sent by email after purchase. The software is suitable for Windows 10 and 11, macOS from version 10.15 as well as tablets and smartphones. In contrast to its predecessors, there are no longer different versions for Windows and Mac, for example, for WISO Steuer 2023.

WISO Steuer 2023 with a 44% discount at Amazon

WISO Tax 2023 on offer: For whom is the tax software worthwhile?

WISO Steuer 2023 handles the income tax return for 2022 with all types of income, including the cover sheet and all the necessary forms. The program carries out an intelligent data transfer from the previous year, retrieves receipts from the tax office and, if desired, takes over postings from your bank account.

This is how it works with data retrieval from the tax office:

Tax retrieval with WISO tax: Here’s how

WISO Steuer 2023 shows the expected reimbursement or additional payment immediately after entering the data and contains hundreds of tax tips and more than 150 videos with help for the tax return. After completion, you can easily send the same paperless to the tax office.

WISO Steuer 2023 with a 44% discount at Amazon

In addition to the 2022 income tax return, WISO Tax 2023 can also be used to prepare the 2022 assessment declaration, the income surplus calculation, the sales and trade tax return, the sales tax advance return, as well as the wage tax registration and the logbook.

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Therefore, the tax program is not only suitable for employees, students and pensioners, but also for the self-employed and investors. Finally, when you purchase the program, you also get free telephone support and free updates.

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