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Scene from Horizon Zero Dawn.
Steam bang: PS4 highlight Horizon Zero Dawn is now greatly reduced in price. (Image Source: PlayStation PC LLC / Valve)

You can now snag a popular PlayStation hit at a bargain price on Steam. The acclaimed adventure Horizon Zero Dawn is currently reduced in price by a whopping 67 percent on the PC platform.

With Horizon Zero Dawn you can now grab one of the most popular sci-fi adventures of recent years on Steam for an absolute top price. Currently, the formerly exclusive PlayStation game reduced in price by 67 percent on the PC platform and thus already available for less than 20 euros.

Horizon Zero Dawn: PS4 hit now on sale on Steam

For three long years, Horizon Zero Dawn was only available on the PS4 – it wasn’t until 2020 that Sony showed mercy and released the PC port of the celebrated adventure. So now you can too slip into the role of Aloy on Steam and unravel the mystery of why the future is teeming with robotic dinosaurs in a beautiful open world.

Check out the trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC here:

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC – PC Features Trailer

The Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn has already found many fans on the PC platform and can have over 69,000 very positive reviews. In addition to the base game, you will also receive the Frozen Wilds DLC and several cosmetic items in this version. If you are interested in opulently staged sci-fi action, you should strike now, because Steam offers Horizon Zero Dawn currently for only 16.49 euros instead of 49.99 euros at. Offer ends March 23, 2023.

Steam Charts: Many top games greatly reduced

You can currently find several big names in the Steam charts that you can dust off at real bargain prices. Among the top sellers are currently among others Anno 1800, Stellaris and Red Dead Redemption 2which are reduced in price by 75 percent and 67 percent, respectively.

In addition to these best-sellers, there are other deals up for grabs on Steam, including a popular survival multiplayer game:

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