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ChatGPT can usually be reached in the browser via text. But if you prefer to talk, you can also call the chatbot.


Behind the hotline service is “woopla”. This is not the developer of ChatGPT, but a German company. You can reach the artificial intelligence at this number: 01806-772255.

The number is currently only available from Germany. Unlike the chatbot, however, the hotline is chargeable. A call costs regardless of the landline or mobile network and the duration 20 cents. With a sponsor, it is also technically possible to offer the chatbot hotline via a landline or cheaper or free service number. However, there are no concrete plans yet.

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Call ChatGPT: Hotline number for questions

Woopla accesses the API “text-davinci-003″ from GPT3 to. As soon as you call the hotline, you can ask the chatbot up to 10 questions. The requests can build on each other. Then information from previous questions can be taken up. But you can also exhaust the quota without building on previous statements in terms of content.

For every question there is a short answer from artificial intelligence. Like the main tool, the phone bot can only be used on Information until June 2021 access. So there is only one standard statement on current topics, according to which the knowledge is not available. If the chatbot also misunderstands something, there are sometimes meaningless answers. The hotline chatbot is particularly suitable for knowledge questions and easy-to-answer topics. Complex information or daily news cannot be obtained here.

ChatGPT by phone: Here’s how

As with ChatGPT, it also applies here that the answers don’t trust blindly should. There is no guarantee that artificial intelligence will provide correct answers. In addition, as with the example in the browser, there can always be problems and sluggish answers due to a high number of users.

The offer is particularly useful for users who do not want to create an account with ChatGPT or who are generally unfamiliar with using the Internet. Even people with reading and writing disabilities can get an impression of what artificial intelligence can do.

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