Real Twitch police become an internet hit gameandnews

Real cops have recently been streaming Fortnite, Minecraft and CS:GO on Twitch. We explain to you what the Danish online squad is all about and how the Internet reacts to the officials.

Watch out! The police are now playing along

The internet is a big way to play and while pretty much every platform has its own rules of conduct, Insults still occur regularly and other awkward situations.

Because of the supposed anonymity of the internet and the absence of the police, nasty trolls and unfriendly users feel untouchable. For this reason, the Danish police founded his own online squad.

Officials are streaming live on Twitch and are intended to ensure law and order in popular games such as Fortnite, CS:GO and Minecraft. From now on, if you use the wrong tone in a Danish lobby, you may immediately have to deal with a police officer.

The internet loves the internet cops

Coming to Reddit the action of the Danish police pretty good at:

Of course they will too lots of jokes in the comments made. Including such dialogues:

“How was work, honey?”

“Exhausting, I had to play 30 games of battle royale with a bunch of kids.”

Of course, the cops don’t stream 8 hours a day, but they still take this task very seriously. Precisely because there are also many children and minors involved in the games mentioned.

For example, one user reports:

“…that many young people (aged 15 to 18) ask officers simple questions like, ‘Is it legal to put this part on my scooter?’ and so on. So basically not much different than police officers who play football or skate with teenagers, just online.”

In general, Denmark is praised positively several times in the Reddit threadamong other things for the functioning health system and the high standard of living.

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