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Apple has its own music streaming service, Apple Music. However, iPhone users may discover another music service in a future update. A new app called “Apple Music Classical” will soon be introduced in iOS.

Apple Music Classical is a completely standalone music streaming app designed to appeal to lovers of classical music. After the service was announced 2 years ago, it should finally be launched soon. The app can already be reserved for download in the App Store:

Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical


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Apple Classical: Music streaming with classical music

There have been plans for a classic offer for a long time. Already in 2021 Apple took over the classical music service Primephonic. Since then, the Classic service has been expected to be introduced again and again, but so far not much has happened for iPhone users in the direction of classical music. However, that is likely to change soon. The Classical app was first discovered in the beta version of 16.2. Now it is also clear when the service with classic sounds should start. The release date is said to be March 28th.

The first elements of the streaming service were already discovered in a preliminary version of iOS 15.5, but these have been removed for the time being.

Apple Classical: Classical music on the iPhone

Although there are already numerous songs, operas, symphonies and other classical music in the Apple Music range, this type of music tends to get lost in the large music library. Apple Music Classical is exclusively geared towards this genre and is intended to offer special playlists and exclusive audio content, for example (source: Popular functions from Primephonic are to be taken over.

It should be with Apple Music Classical not an independent paid subscription act. Instead, the offer available to all users who are already paying for Apple Music. The songs should be available in a quality of 192 kHz/24 bit. You should also be able to use 3D audio. Playlists curated by experts offer the opportunity to discover “new” Classic songs. In addition to musical material, there should also be a lot of more in-depth content to read, such as biographies of composers.

It is still unclear whether the classic content will be completely removed from the normal Music app and will continue to run exclusively in Classical, or whether the corresponding songs will be available on both services at the same time. In addition, it is not yet clear how the classic content can be accessed on other Apple devices such as the Mac apart from the iPhone.

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