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HBO recently proved that video game adaptations can be successful with the series The Last of Us. This is very well received by the community and now Harry Potter fans can also look forward to it, because according to reports HBO Max is developing a Hogwarts legacy series.

Hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Action RPG becomes a series

In early February, Hogwarts Legacy was released on multiple platforms, and while it’s had some teething troubles on PC, reviews of the game itself are mostly positive. You take on the role of a student who has just entered magic school to learn how to cast spells, brew potions and fight evil. It’s all set before Harry Potter, but arguably offers nonetheless enough stuff to make a series out of it.

HBO Max is said to be working on this already, but production is said to be in the early stages. Accordingly, there is no information and details, but one can assume that the upcoming series will also play before the original Harry Potter novels (source: GiantFreakinRobot).

So far we can only speculate about the cast. Some stars like Rupert Grint have had theirs in the past interested in returning announced – maybe a supporting role or a cameo appearance is possible? (Source: yahoo).

Hogwarts Legacy offers you many options when creating characters:

Hogwarts Legacy: Does a series adaptation really have a chance of success?

It is well known that not everything is rosy in the Harry Potter universe. The controversy surrounding JK Rowling caused a lot of criticism and it was therefore called for more than once to boycott Hogwarts Legacy. Despite this, the game can change over a number of in the last 24 hours 275,584 players on Steam and a stable 84 rating on Metacritic (sources: SteamDB / Metacritic).

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It can be assumed that there will be a lot of criticism in the upcoming series. However, it may well be that HBO Max manages to create an exciting and exciting series that can ultimately delight fans around the world, just like the iconic movies.

Hogwarts Legacy (PlayStation 5)

Hogwarts Legacy (PlayStation 5)

The price may be higher now. Price as of 02/24/2023 07:01

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