Samsung introduces new accessories that have never been seen before gameandnews

Samsung has introduced new accessories for the Galaxy S23 series. They are two camera gadgets that work as tripods. One of them is even remote controlled. The attachments can be plugged into the gadget case of the Galaxy S23 cell phones.


Samsung: New camera accessories for Galaxy S23

Especially for its latest flagships, Samsung now has presented two new camera gadgets. They are designed as attachments for the Gadget Case of the Galaxy S23 series, which is also a type of attachment.

The first of the two accessories goes by the name Slim tripod stand. This allows the Galaxy S23 to be set up in portrait or landscape format. The tripod legs fold into a flat package when not in use. The Slim Tripod Stand can also be used as a handle if, for example, you want to record videos with your mobile phone in your hand.

The tripod weighs 70g and is currently on the UK Samsung website Listed for £34.00which corresponds to 38.85 euros (source: Samsung UK).

This is what the Slim Tripod Stand looks like:

The Slim Tripod Stand for Galaxy S23 phones (Image source: Samsung UK)

The second camera accessory is a grip stand, which is perhaps even more useful. He acts as Mini tripod with Bluetooth remote control and release function. There is also a tilting function. Just like the Slim Tripod Stand, the mini tripod has already appeared on the British Samsung website, but the company has not yet announced a price.

If and when Samsung will release the two camera gadgets Also in Germany will be offered is currently unclear.

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This is how the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra does in the camera test:

Samsung: camera accessories only with Gadget Case

In order to actually be able to use the camera gadgets, in addition to a smartphone from the Galaxy S23 series, customers must also have a gadget case that can be used with at least 54.90 euros. The rugged version is available for 59.90 euros. Unlike the camera accessories, the gadget cases are also for sale at Samsung Germany.

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