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Samsung is delighted with the huge success of the new Galaxy S23 smartphones. In the picture you can see the Galaxy S23 Ultra. (Image source: GIGA)

Samsung recently introduced a total of three new top cell phones with the Galaxy S23 smartphones. Although not much has changed at first glance, the interest in the new models is very high. One version in particular takes the crown again.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a huge success

After Samsung launched its new flagship smartphones, many naturally wonder how successful the new Galaxy S23 smartphones really are. Samsung’s Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Braun has now commented on this. At a Qualcomm event at MWC 2023, he said that the Galaxy S23 pre-orders that “smashed” the Galaxy S22after the Galaxy S22 has already sold twice as well as the Galaxy S21:

One can therefore speak of a huge success for Samsung, which is particularly due to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. As with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the most expensive model is also the most popular among the new generation. There it should 60 percent of all Galaxy S23s sold. The compact Galaxy S23 (test) should also cover a large part, while the Galaxy S23 Plus is the least popular.

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Things could hardly be better for Samsung with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The top smartphone with the 200 MP camera is selling brilliantly, although the price has risen again from 1,399 euros. The human can and want to pay a lot of money for a smartphoneif this also offers a corresponding equivalent value.


In the video we present the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

Samsung Galaxy S23 with better processor

One of the reasons for the huge success of the Galaxy S23 smartphones in Europe is probably the new Qualcomm processor. After Samsung fobbed us off with “second choice” Exynos chips for years, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 finally gives us a processor that is extremely powerful and efficient. This alone makes the Galaxy S23 a so much better phone than the Galaxy S22. No wonder, then, that the interest is even greater. We can only hope that Samsung will learn from its mistakes and that we will no longer be the second choice in the future.

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