Savings bank account at risk: tricky scam uncovered gameandnews

The Sparkasse’s online banking is the target of a new scam. (Image source: IMAGO / Rüdiger Wölk)

Many Sparkasse customers are currently receiving emails that fraudsters are using to gain access to online banking. The Sparkasse is now warning of exactly three new scams that all have the same purpose. They want your online banking and your personal data. A whole new show is then pulled off.

Sparkasse warns of new e-mail scam

Again and again we warn that scammers want to get into your Sparkasse account. New ideas are always being thought up for this purpose. We recently warned of a scam that could cost you your money in the worst case. This time it’s more about accessing your online banking, which isn’t really any more reassuring either. Specifically, the Sparkasse is currently warning a scam sent by email comes and bears the following titles:

  • Sparkasse: Many new functions and options
  • information
  • Sparkasse: Important interaction required!

In the real-looking e-mails called various excusesto persuade you to click on the link and register with the Sparkasse. It looks like this:

This is what the current fraud emails in the name of Sparkasse look like. (Image source: savings bank)

At first glance, it looks like a real email from the Sparkasse, which you should take note of. In fact, behind the links there is a phishing website that wants to spy on your access data for online banking. Later might so that different things can be done.

In the video we explain what phishing means:

Personal data misused for calls on behalf of the Sparkasse

While the other scam uses the access data with a TAN number to steal money directly, the data collected here is used to identify you to call on behalf of the Sparkasse. The savings bank states that this was an attempt to release transfers or to activate a second card that the attackers had previously sent to each other. This is how money can be spent again. So never give out personal data or a TAN number anywhere or call them on the phone. The savings bank would not ask for it.

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