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The controversial MMORPG Bless Global has only recently celebrated its release on Steam, but now the game can no longer be found. The messed-up release is a mystery, because the publisher has not messed up the PC release for the first time.

Bless Global is actually a mobile MMORPG that relies on a controversial play-to-earn concept. On March 1, 2023, however, Studio Tigon Mobile also wanted to release the game on Steam – but the release has to be done just a few days later as a flash in the pan. According to the Steam page, the game no longer appears in the internal Steam search at the request of the publisher. What has happened there?

Bless Global: MMORPG experiences disaster release on Steam

The Bless franchise has an extremely bumpy history on Steam – after Bless Online had to close its doors after just over a year in 2019, the successor Bless Unleashed was also unable to convince the community on Steam. Now that was Mobile MMORPG Bless Global brought to the PC platformbut less than a week later the game can only be found via the external Google search on Steam.

The reason for the chaos is probably an action by the developers, who announced a competition in the Bless Global Discord where players can dust off prizes, when they leave a positive review on Steam. However, this is against the policies on the platform. While Bless Global can no longer be found within Steam, all previous ratings have also been removed from the game site. (Source: Steam)

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New Steam MMORPG cuts a bad figure

In the Reddit community, the failed Steam release of Bless Global gets a lot of ridicule and malice – players criticize that the developers have repeatedly been unable to establish the series on the PC and refer to it to the hated blockchain and NFT features, which turn the underlying mobile game into a failed play-to-earn game. Many of them suspect that the publishers will soon simply dare a new steam attempt. (Source: Reddit)

Another MMO is currently available for free on Steam without any purchased reviews or NFTs:

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