The 49-euro ticket is intended to lead the encrusted public transport into a new era and create a cheap alternative to the car. Poor people of all people could be excluded from the saver ticket. The reason is the Schufa.

The Deutschlandticket is to be introduced on May 1st. Although there are only a few weeks left before the planned starting signal, a lot is still open. In addition to unresolved questions about financing and validity on buses and trains, another stumbling block could now arise: the Schufa information.

49-euro ticket: train and sales outlets require positive credit bureau

Because Deutsche Bahn wants to carry out a Schufa check before purchasing the 49-euro ticket. The same applies to Logpay, which is used as a payment service provider by over 250 public transport sales points. Deutsche Bahn and Logpay confirmed the plans to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, saying that both companies want to protect themselves against payment defaults (via RND). Despite debiting via direct debit, DB and Logpay have to pay in advance.

The Schufa check is a real problem for the poor and socially disadvantaged. Many of them do not have good credit. What you can do if you are denied the purchase of the Germany ticket is still unclear. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Federal Ministry of Transport did not give a clear answer.

Not only with the 49-euro ticket you can save a lot of money:

Alternative: Deutschlandticket will only be sent after payment

After all, people with negative credit bureau can hope for other providers. According to their own statement, the operators of the website want to do this do without a Schufa check. Their trick: They only send the ticket when the amount to be paid has been debited. If you have a negative credit bureau, you may have to wait a little longer for the Germany ticket – but you will at least get one.

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You can use the simulator to check your own Schufa score:

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