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Co-op fans can currently snag a very special deal on Steam: The wacky shooter Borderlands 3 is currently 90 percent reduced on the platform – but the offer is no longer valid.

With Borderlands 3 you can currently get a real co-op highlight on Steam at a great price. All editions of the over-the-top looter shooter are currently as part of a discount campaign by Publisher 2K reduced by 90 percent in price. Thus, the game celebrates a remarkable comeback in the Steam Top 10 3 years after its release.

Borderlands 3 Storms Steam Charts With Mega Discount

The Borderlands series is known for its comic book graphics, plethora of weapons, quirky humor, and co-op gameplay—too The best way to play Borderlands 3 is with friends and join forces as Vault Hunters in the fight against the evil Calypso Twins. You can gradually develop your character’s skills and collect a powerful arsenal of powerful weapons while you jump from planet to planet to defeat your opponents.

Check out the official Borderlands 3 launch trailer below:

Borderlands 3 – Official Cinematic Launch Trailer: “Let’s Make Some Mayhem”

The co-op shooter has been convincing on Steam for a long time: With over 86,000 votes, Borderlands 3 can look forward to a very positive rating. Now the game gets another boost in popularity, because it is currently the standard edition from 59.99 euros to 5.99 euros reduced. Also the Super Deluxe and Ultimate Editions are 85 percent and 92 percent, respectively cheaper. The promotion runs until March 2, 2023.

Steam: 2K sale offers Civilization 6 and other highlights

In addition to Borderlands 3, various other hits are also on offer as part of the major 2K publisher campaign – including the Borderlands spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, NBA 2K23 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Strategy fans don’t miss out either, because Civilization 6, a real genre highlight, has also been reduced in price by 90 percent. (Source: Steam)

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