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The most successful time of PUBG: Battlegrounds is now in the past. But the Battle Royale shooter can still be proud of a Steam record that has not been broken by any other game in 5 years.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

For its Europe and North America release the MMORPG Lost Ark reached a significant milestone last year crack. Over 1.3 million players played the Korean game on Steam at the same time. Lost Ark was able to surpass some FPS long-runners, but the shooter PUBG: Battlegrounds still holds the player record – and has been for a remarkable five years.

PUBG: Battlegrounds defends player record

Since January 2018, PUBG: Battlegrounds has been at the top of the Steam charts for the most concurrent players. The record of the shooter is no less impressive: Just over 3.2 million gamers played the game at the same time.

Despite the remarkable debut of Lost Ark, which with its 1.3 million players trump the classics Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 could, PUBG had attracted more than twice as many players in its record times. (Source: Steam Charts)

Check out PUBG’s F2P trailer here:

PUBG | official gameplay trailer for the F2P launch

Steam: When will the crazy player record be broken?

While there have been some real hit games on Steam since PUBG, no other has come even close to PUBG’s record. No wonder, after all, PUBG basically laid laid the foundation for the triumph of the Battle Royale genrewhich has since been adopted by giant games like Call of Duty.

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Whether another game will ever manage to beat PUBG’s record is currently still open. At the moment there is definitely no candidate that could compete with the battle royale shooter in this aspect.

Another shooter didn’t exactly cover itself in glory this week with a new gameplay trailer:

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