Simply nice: 13 headphones that make you look good on the go gameandnews

Headphones for on the go are not only responsible for the music – they are always a fashion statement as well. Here are 13 models where the design is worth a look.

Beautiful headphones: looking good is a “head thing”

Whether over-ear, on-ear or in-ear – headphones are always visible from the outside and thus say something about their wearer. Colorful and freaky or a metallic business look: you are what you wear. You can find the right model for every style and it is not uncommon for the appearance to be decisive – especially when several headphones are technically and sonically similar. There are even said to be people who don’t care about the data sheet – the main thing is that things look cool!

We trawled through several fashion blogs and fashion websites: Which headphone models are particularly chic, luxurious, stylish, elegant or somehow quirky? You tend to end up with the somewhat more expensive representatives of brand manufacturers such as Sony, Beats, Marshall, Urbanears or Sennheiser – for good reason, because price breakers from the lower segment are often just (bad) design copies of the successful originals. The first highlight comes from the noble audio forge Bowers & Wilkins …

The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 is a fabulously crafted headphone with a striking design. The sound is finely defined and natural, and the noise canceling effectively blocks out ambient noise.

The Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 are a surprise hit: Who would have thought that the Chinese manufacturer, known primarily for mobile phones, could build in-ears with such a good sound? The neutral sound and noise-cancelling cut a fine figure, especially in the shiny silver color variant.

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The limited ones Skullcandy x Burton Push Active are – as the name suggests – created in cooperation with the snowboard brand Burton. A guaranteed eye-catcher: the leopard print in the colors peach, pink and purple. Available directly from the manufacturer.


At TikTok, the Koss Porta Pro celebrated by fashion influencers. This is actually a rediscovery of Generation Z, because the model that first appeared in 1984 (!) is still built in almost the same form today and is a real classic.

The two models leave transparent elements ear stick and Ear 1 by Nothing look futuristic. The Ear Stick is more airy in the ear canal because there are no silicone adapters attached.

Current technology in combination with natural materials. At the The House of Marley Redemption ANC Bamboo, natural wood fiber composite and silicone are used. This is supposed to be sustainable, but it is also an extraordinary design feature.

The logo is known from rock concerts: Der Monitor 2 ANC by Marshall makes a difference with the iconic lettering alone. The technology also fits, as we found out in the test. Combined with a white t-shirt and denim jacket, you are well styled all round.

If you absolutely don’t want to make any compromises, grab it Sennheiser HD820 for around 2,000 euros. According to audiophiles, this professional tool sounds outstanding – this is where the German manufacturer’s accumulated expertise comes together in one product. On the side there are sound converter covers made of Gorilla Glass, which allow a view of the high-quality drivers. It is a closed construction, but with a “view”.

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Design from Denmark: From the relatively unknown label creafunk comes the bluetooth headset Awear. The pads rest on the ears. Available in 6 color variants.

They are extremely compact Sony Linkbuds S. The “Earth Blue” variant consists partly of recycled water bottles and recycled plastic from automotive components. The pattern, reminiscent of marble, is unique for each specimen.

The Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth is relatively cheap and impresses with its clear design. The integrated battery of the affordable on-ear headphones lasts up to 30 hours.

Addison Rae or Bella Hadid wear Apple’s over-ear headphones like a fashion accessory. Apple AirPods Max – the “celebrity fashion must-have” (source: Vogue).

Technically top and yet affordable: The Soundcore Liberty 4 sounds good, offers noise canceling and has a flat case for transport.

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