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A brand new simulation can look forward to an extremely successful start on Steam. The business simulator Big Ambitions lets you live out your inner entrepreneur and can really convince on the platform right after the release.

A new simulation is currently taking the hearts of the Steam community by storm: Big Ambitions started the early access phase on March 10th and can really impress right from the release. The Economic simulation RPG gets rave reviews and also ends up at the top of the top seller list.

Big Ambitions: New Simulation Makes Strong Steam Debut

In Big Ambitions you can build your own business empire and become the biggest entrepreneur in New York. You start at the bottom of the business ladder, but you aim high and can gradually transform small businesses into huge corporations. To reward you for your successful investments, you can buy expensive cars, apartments and designer furniture and thus also privately live out your very own style.

Watch the trailer for the new simulation hit Big Ambitions here:

Big Ambitions: Early Access Trailer

Developer studio Hovgaard Games seems to have managed a real surprise success with Big Ambitions, because the simulation is complete after almost 900 user votes with an extremely positive rating on Steam. Fans praise the gameplay, the size of the world and the excellent quality of the early access version. Thanks to the 10 percent discount, you can get Big Ambitions until March 17 for 20.69 euros instead of 22.99 euros to back up.

Steam charts: Simulation ends up at the top

At the start of the early access phase, Big Ambitions can directly establish itself in the top 10 of the Steam charts and grabs a respectable fourth place – putting the game ahead of last week’s other surprise hit, Contraband Police. Only Hogwarts Legacy, Sons of the Forest and Counter-Strike: GO are currently even more popular.

A sci-fi RPG, on the other hand, experienced a real debacle on Steam last week:

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