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Preferences vary, but in the end what matters is what you really like on Netflix. But how do you only find series and films in the future that you probably like? There is a small but useful trick.


You know the problem: you’ve just seen a really good series on Netflix. Actually, at this point you would love to continue and something similar see. But how do you find such content?

Brilliant trick: find similar titles on Netflix

If you use Netflix in the web browser, the streaming provider will show you similar titles on the detail page of the film or series at the bottom. It’s a good start, but what is shown there may not always be to your liking. Or you would like to have another one expanded selection of similar titles. You can be helped.

If you have a detailed List of related series and movies on Netflix If you want to see, you have to do the following:

  • The first look goes to the URL in the web browser of the series or movie you just watched.
  • Now you copy them Title IDthis is the number after the last slant table in the URL.
It’s this number that counts – the title ID. (Image source: GIGA, Screenshot Netflix)
  • Now you insert the title ID behind the following URL line and open the address in the browser:
  • Congratulations: Netflix now gives you a large number of similar titles for you to browse and watch.

Netflix is ​​over a quarter of a century old, hard to believe:

Similar yes, but also great?

Additional tip: Similar titles are not always good. If you want to secure your choice, we still recommend a look at the IMDb and alternatively at Rotten Tomatoes. The well-known sites provide a representative cross-section of opinions and reviews, which you can usually rely on. But you don’t have to leave Netflix for that, because with a Chromecast add-on like “Trim” for example, the ratings are displayed directly within Netflix. We have explained this in a separate article.

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